A glowing skin is every woman’s dream. We are born with perfect skin, but along the way we take it for granted and start to abuse our skin. Good health and healthy skin go hand in hand. Common skin complaints like acne and pimples are a result of incorrect life choices.  Surface infections like acne can be treated clinically. MiSkn Acne Treatment  combine Naturopathy, Dermal Therapies and Acupuncture with the latest innovations in skincare, providing you withcomprehensive treatment protocols for acne, aging, redness, scarring and other skin disorders. so that you take control of your skin.

Looking after the skin is akin to looking after your body. The skin is just a projection of what is going on inside. If skin is too oily or it is too dry, it may indicate a  need for more moisture or less moisture in the body. Besides eating the usual 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking the mandatory 8 glasses of water, here are a few skin care secrets that you can use to feel and look like a million bucks:

Wash with cold water instead of warm water as warm water opens the pores, allowing bacteria to enter the skin through the open pores. Washing your face twice a day with cold water is enough to hydrate it from outside. Add to this 8 to 10 glasses of water and your skin has all the hydration it needs.

Once in a while pamper your skin  with a yummy home made facial. Check out the dry and oily patches or areas of the skin and accordingly apply a mask. If you are not in the mood for a mask, then spray some cool rosewater to your face regardless of oily or dry skin. Rosewater is fantastic for getting a clean complexion.

Once in 15 days, it is important to get rid of dead skin cells. These cells encourage bacteria growth, if they happen to get clogged on the skin surface. There are a number of homemade scrubs  and exfoliates that you can make form products from the kitchen shelf. For oily skin, a mix of lemon and oats or semolina works well, For dry skin a mix of oats with cream or milk is good. Combine and  exfoliate gently for 5 minutes. Follow the basic routine and you are on your way to great glowing skin.